Haunted House Props

Turn your home into a scary site for Halloween and decorate with haunted house props! With a few simple pieces you can create a convincing cemetery scene; witch scene; or a blood, guts, and gore scene. Set up haunted house activities using props such as gravestones, coffins, cauldrons, and black cats; and simple household items such as brooms, spaghetti and meatballs! The possibilities are endless!

Use these haunted house ideas to create the perfect ambience for your party:

  • Cemetery: Set up a cemetery scene with a variety of scary haunted house props. Decorate with items such as gravestones, coffins, bats, and spiders. Set up a fog machine and drape cobwebs over the props to add to the eerie effect. Purchase a spooky soundtrack to play in the background with wolves howling, wind blowing, and doors creaking!
  • Witches: Create a witch scene with haunted house decorations from your local party store and your own kitchen. Purchase cauldrons, black cats, and witch’s hats. Use brooms from your household supplies to add to the look. Dress yourself up as a witch and be a prop for your own party! Wear a witch’s hat, paint your face green, add a wart to your face, wear a black dress, and carry around a broom. For kicks, attach a black cat prop to your shoulder. Play a CD of witch screams in the background.
  • Blood, Guts, and Gore: Set up a gory section of your haunted house with haunted house supplies such as spaghetti, meatballs, marbles, and hot dogs. Place each of the props in its own bowl and put a cardboard box over it. Create a cut-out in the cardboard box large enough for your hand. Use the spaghetti for guts, meatballs for eyeballs, marbles for cat eyes, and cooked hot dogs for witch fingers. Ask guests to guess the props in the bowls and award prizes to the winners.

Have fun, get creative, and impress guests with unique haunted house prop ideas. Warn them on the invitation to prepare for a good scare!

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