Hannah Montana Party Ideas

Is your daughter a Hannah Montana fanatic? Well a Hannah Montana birthday party may be the perfect idea to make her wildest dream come true! Here are some ideas to help you host the party of the year for your daughter and her friends:

  • Invitations: Send out your Hannah Montana invitations to let the guests know about the party. You can use a music-inspired invitation design and write something like “Come join me for a Hannah Montana birthday bash, starring me, [Daughter’s Name]. My rockin’ party is on [Date].” Another great invitation idea is to make the invitations look like concert tickets including words like “Sold Out” and “Admit One.”
  • Decorations: Use flashy and colorful decorations for your Hannah Montana party. Glittery streamers, balloons, and gold star cutouts are all perfect. Roll out a red tablecloth to look like a red carpet for the entranceway. Set up part of the room to look like a stage for your little pop stars to sing their hearts out. A playlist full of Hannah Montana songs is also a great idea to play in the background of the party.
  • Food: Set up a taco bar with a sign over it that reads “Rico's Surf Shop.” Another menu idea is to have a sundae bar where the kids can load up on their favorite toppings. Make sure that they save room for the Hannah Montana cake though, an essential item at any Hannah Montana birthday celebration. If you are making the birthday cake yourself, try making it into the shape of a microphone or star. If you want a fancier cake but are don’t have the time to make it, you could always order a Hannah Montana cake from a bakery.
  • Activity #1 - Impersonator Contest: One Hannah Montana party idea is to ask your child’s guests to dress up like pop stars and give out prizes at the party for Best Dressed, Best Singer, Best Dancer, etc.
  • Activity #2 - Karaoke: Set up a karaoke machine for the kids to use during the party. Remind them that this is a nota  competition so they can just sing their favorite tunes and have fun.
  • Activity #3 - Hannah Montana’s Number One Fan: Have the kids play a trivia game to determine which one of them is the biggest Hannah Montana fanatic. You can even ask song questions that require the guests to finish a particular song lyric. This will be a big hit at the party!
  • Party Favors: Fill up goody bags for your guests with bracelets, lipgloss, pop star sunglasses, nail polish, and a plastic microphone. You could also include a picture of them singing on stage from the party if you are able to print pictures at your house. Add a note in the goody bag that says “Thanks for pumping up the party!”
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