Wonderful Halos Birthday Party Snacks

We’ve partnered with Wonderful Halos mandarins to show you a fun and festive way to take your birthday party snacks up a notch! You can use these little Halos gifts as a pre-birthday cake snack, a party favor, or to add a pop of color to your decorations. It’s a fun way to make sure everyone at the party has something to unwrap. 
You'll need...
Here's how...
  1. Wrap two strips of glitter tape all the way around the Halo in an "x" shape, to make it look like ribbon on a present.
  2. Tie a small bow with the ribbon and use hot glue to glue onto the top of the Halo. You can use ribbon that matches the tape or make it a contrast color or pattern!
Ta-dah! It's super simple and still easy to unwrap and enjoy. Kids love Halos because they fit perfectly into their small hands. It’s often difficult to find snacks that are sweet AND healthy, especially for kids’ birthday parties. Plus, they look great in a large basket or bowl for snack time at home! Pick up a bunch of Wonderful Halos from your local store to get started!
*This project was created by Oh Joy! and is brought to you in collaboration with Wonderful Halos. 
(Photos by Lily Glass for Oh Joy!)
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