Halloween Party Food Ideas

Halloween party food ideas are cute ways to add extra flair to your Halloween party. They can range from foods that look like Halloween characters and items to foods that sound downright creepy! See the list below for spooky Halloween recipes that are sure to make your celebration all the more frightful:
  • Pumpkin platter: Arrange carrots on a circular platter so that they are in the shape of a pumpkin. You may also be able to find serving dishes that look like pumpkins in party stores. Use triangular and semi-circular dishes full of dip for the eyes, nose and mouth. Your plate will look like a jack-o-lantern!
  • Dirt cake: This dessert may be a creepy Halloween food, but it’s also delicious! See the recipe here. You can also make it in individual cups and serve each with a cookie “gravestone.”
  • Fingers in blood: For a scary Halloween food, serve “fingers in blood”—grilled cheese sticks with tomato soup, that is! All you need to do for this party food is slice a rectangular grilled cheese into stick shapes. Then, serve a couple of the sticks with a cup of soup and encourage guests to dip their “fingers” into the “blood” for a terrifying and delicious experience!
  • Pumpkin pie: This delicious pie is a classic fall favorite. Make it spooky Halloween food for your party. Use marshmallows, chocolate chips, black licorice or pecans to make a jack-o-lantern face on it!
  • Guts and flesh: For gross Halloween party food, simply name normal foods creepy things. For example, “guts and flesh” can be the title for hummus and bread (because of the similarity in color). Though the food is completely normal, people won’t want to take another step!
  • Creepy cookies: Cookies are always big hits, so cookies in Halloween shapes will certainly be eaten up immediately! Check your local bakery or grocery store for large orders of Halloween-decorated cookies. You can also make your own, just bake your favorite recipe and use Halloween cookie cutters. Be warned, smooth cookies with no chunks, like sugar cookies, will work best if you want to make Halloween shapes.
  • Blood and eyeball pizza: Another gross Halloween food is blood and eyeball pizza. This delicious dish is really just margarita pizza. To make this spooky pizza, simply start out by making a normal pizza. Roll out the dough and top with sauce. Just make sure to use a really red sauce (this is the “blood”)! Then, spread circular slices of mozzarella across the pizza. Finally, put a sliced or whole olive on each piece of mozzarella to create the look of an eyeball! Just bake in the oven and it’ll be ready!
Need a Halloween punch to wash all this party food down? Click here for our recipe for Black Eye Punch.
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