Spooky Cookie: Halloween Cookie Decorations

Halloween is all about candy, sugar and sweets! Bring Halloween cookies to the next level of spooky by using creative Halloween cookie decorations. You can use regular household baking items to transform any cookie into a creepy creation, from food coloring to frosting. Here are five easy-to-follow Halloween cookie decorating ideas to try.

Food Coloring: Play up the colors of Halloween (orange, red, green, purple, black) to create quick and easy spooky cookies. Food coloring is a great way to turn regular old white icing into a bloody or candy-colored cookie coating. Since food coloring comes in liquids and gels and can vary in intensity, add the food coloring in small increments. Using a gel-based food coloring often works best at achieving the perfect colors. Make orange pumpkin cookies, red blood cookies or purple witch hat cookies using this technique.

Candy Pieces: Using candy is a great Halloween cookie decorating idea that helps bring plain cookies to life. Use black circle candy for eyes, red licorice for veins and chocolate covered almonds for fingertips. A great example is using taffy to make teeth. Use white Airheads (or any white taffy) and simply roll it out on a cutting board. Using a pairing knife cut sharp teeth shapes out of the taffy and lay them on top of red frosted sugar cookies in the shape of a mouth.

Cookie Cutters: Cookie cutters are an easy and affordable way to decorate Halloween cookies. They can help you make cookies in the shape of ghosts, witch hats, bats, headstones and pumpkins. A great way to use a cookie cutter in an unconventional way is to create a bite mark on a creepy cookie design. Use a cookie cutter that has jagged edges and remove a piece from a circular cookie to create the allusion of a bite mark. Use frosting and candy pieces to complete the spooktacular Halloween cookie decoration.
Creative Spooky Halloween Cookie Ideas:
  • Witch Finger Cookies: Use sugar cookie dough and dye it green using food coloring. Form the dough into long finger size rolls and bake as directed. Complete the fingers by adding chocolate frosting to the tip and top with a sliced almond to look like a fingernail.
  • Eyeball Cookies: Use regular sugar cookie dough and bake into small round circles. Decorate the cookie with white frosting. Use red frosting to create veins and a brown M&M candy for the pupil topped with a dot of yellow frosting.
  • Spider Cookies: Bake double chocolate cookies as directed. Frost the cookies with chocolate frosting; use purple round candy for the eyes, and six licorice pieces for the legs (three of each side of the cookie).
Decorating Halloween cookies is a fun tradition for all the family to take part in and can be served at a Halloween party or gifted to friends. Hosting your own Halloween party? Be sure to set the stage for a fun celebration: send Halloween invitations online to get guests excited about your event, share important details, and gather RSVPS in minutes. 

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