Graduation Centerpieces

Graduation party decorations help to create a fun atmosphere for any graduation party and graduation centerpieces are a key part of your overall gradation party decorating strategy! You can use a graduation centerpiece on a buffet table, outdoor picnic table (if you're hosting a graduation cookout), or even on the mantle, if it makes sense for your party layout. 
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If you're looking for some festive graduation centerpiece ideas that you can personalize for your graduate, here are a few to get you started:

  • Photo Collage: If you want to create a unique table centerpiece for a graduation party, make a photo collage! Scan some photos of your graduate from their childhood through the present. You can put the collage into a large photo frame and put the frame on a stand for the centerpiece. Another great idea is to make the collage a focal point of the table by laying out the photos all over the table, then putting a piece of glass over the pictures to preserve them.
  • Piggy Bank: A cute idea for a kindergarten or preschool graduation is to put out a piggy bank as your graduation centerpiece. On the side of the pig write “College Fund” or “Class of ___.” You can also decorate the pig using the school’s colors and a mascot. Ask guests to drop in encouraging notes and messages for the graduate, and of course, they can always drop in gifts as well!
  • Graduation Cap: Purchase a large white graduation cap and place it in the middle of your table. Scatter markers around the cap for guests to sign. They can also write messages for your son or daughter to congratulate him or her on their accomplishments! This is a great keepsake for the graduate to remember their big day.
  • School Color Decorations: Another graduation centerpiece idea is to use decorations in your graduate’s school colors. Place a stack of books in the middle of the table and tie colorful balloons to the arrangement. Place glittered confetti all over the books. Place a rolled up piece of parchment paper at the top of the stack of books tied with a ribbon to look like a diploma.
  • Photo Flower Pot: Purchase small flower pots filled with pretty flowers or plants and place them in the center of each table. Use wooden dowels or chopsticks to stick them into the dirt of the pot. Attach photos of your graduate to the sticks so they pop out of the plant. You can even use your crafty skills to cut the photos to fit flower cutouts, then stick them in with the plans. These also make great party favors for grandparents and other family members to take home!
  • Personalized Centerpiece: Another great graduation centerpiece idea is to personalize it for your son or daughter. If they are graduating from high school or college, make the centerpiece decoration specific to their major. For example, if they studied or plan to study science, use a beaker as a flower vase. If they are planning to going to med school, attach a stethoscope to the centerpiece. Don’t be afraid to be creative!
Last but not least, be sure to send online graduation party invitations to set the stage for your celebration. Personalize the invitation, email or text right from your phone, and easily collect RSVPs from guests. 
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