Tasty Graduation Cupcakes

 Want to have something sweet to celebrate your graduate's success? Graduation cupcakes make for a delicious addition to any graduation party (and they look pretty cool too!). Here are a few fabulous graduation cupcake designs, which will create the perfect centerpiece for your graduation party dessert bar. Whether the guest of honor is graduating from kindergarten, high school, college, or beyond, no one is too young or too old for old-fashioned cupcakes.
Graduation Cap Cupcake Recipe
  •  plain vanilla cupcakes
  •  melted candy melts or white chocolate
  •  graham crackers, cut in half
  •  sour candy belts or twists (use the school colors!)
  •  large sprinkles
 Dip the graham cracker halves in the melted candy and then place on a piece of parchment paper to dry. Once solid, use a small amount of melted candy to attach the graduation cap "tassel" using a small piece of sour candy belt. Add a sprinkle to the center of the design. Lastly, cut the tops off the vanilla cupcakes and flip them upside down. Use a dollop of melted candy to attach the graham cracker to the cupcake. Enjoy!
 Looking for more ideas? Incorporate bright colors and personal touches into your graduation cakes. Use interesting frosting designs, cake picks, patterned cupcake wraps or liners, and a special message for the graduate. Here is a collage to help inspire you!
 As you continue your party planning, don't forget that Punchbowl has a large variety of free graduation invitations and free graduation announcements that you can customize to invite guests to your graduation party. Start planning today!
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