Girls Birthday Party Ideas

Planning a girls birthday and need girls birthday party ideas? No need to stress, because there are endless ideas that will fit the needs of your little girl’s birthday celebration. Girl birthday parties can be broken down into three main categories to help jump-start your party planning. Girl parties are typically either girly girl, arts and crafts focused, or sports related.

  • Girly: If your birthday girl is a girly girl, tailor your party theme around things like princesses, jewelry, make-up, or tea parties. Another theme for a girls birthday party is a spa party. Have your party at a salon or transform your own home into a kid-friendly spa. The girls can each get manicures, put on make-up, and play dress up with fun items like bandanas, boas, and fun jewelry. It would be any girly girls dream birthday celebration!

girls birthday party ideas


  • Arts & Crafts: If the birthday girl likes to show her creative side, choose a girls party theme that focuses on the arts. You can opt to host the party at home and do activities like set up various craft stations for t-shirt decorating, jewelry making, and drawing. There are also plenty of crafty locations where you can host the party. A great location based party is a do-it-yourself ceramic studio. These studios are becoming more popular and are great for birthday parties. Girls will be able to paint a piece of pottery of their choice and it is all fired and glazed on site for them to take home (or pick up at a later date).

Girls Birthday Party Ideas

  • Sports: The final category for birthday party ideas for girls is a sports related party. If your birthday girl is into sports, create a theme that ties in her favorite sport, such as soccer. These days there are so many amazing female athletes and professional women's sports leagues. If you have a league or team in your area, you can bring the party to the stadium or arena. Contact your local team to see if they will do anything special for the party, like have the athletes sign autographs for the party-goers. 

Girls Birthday Party Ideas

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