Gift Ideas for Thanksgiving

 If you're a serial gift-giver, kick-off the holiday season with these Thanksgiving gift ideas. Even though it's not the official gift-giving holiday, giving friends, family, and hosts a little Thanksgiving gift to show your appreciation is a wonderful gesture.
 Get inspired by these ideas for Thanksgiving gifts:
  •  Festive scented candle
  •  Homemade seasonal pie
  •  Holiday wreath
  •  Miniature evergreen tree
  •  Monogrammed stationary
  •  Customized return address stamp
  •  A nice bottle of red wine
 With every holiday, comes the kids! Give them something special to play with or entertain through a long Thanksgiving meal.
  •  A personalized (based on the child's age) bag of word games, puzzles, and books
  •  A new doll or Barbie
  •  A dress-up outfit
  •  Matchbox cars
  •  Coloring books and crayons
 Another great idea is to build several types of Thanksgiving gift baskets to hand out to neighbors, people in need, coworkers, etc. during the Thanksgiving holiday season. Here are a few Thanksgiving gift basket ideas:
  •  Scoop out the insides of a large pumpkin and allow to dry for a day or two. Fill with fresh flowers, cookies, and chocolates.
  •  Fill a straw or wooden basket with holiday-themed linens, jams, cured meats, and cheeses.
  •  Prepare a picnic basket with a variety of canned goods, dried fruits, crackers, and seasonings. Give to your local food shelter.
 Make the Thanksgiving holiday season a little brighter by giving thoughtful, special gifts to your loved ones or people in need. It'll make their day and yours!
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