Get Ready for Your Virtual Halloween Happy Hour

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Halloween may not be quite the same this year but that doesn’t mean you have to cancel those yearly traditions! There are tons of ways to keep that annual Halloween cocktail party or happy hour going this year without interruption.

A great way to stay connected at a distance is to throw your party virtually. As with an in-person party, you’ll want to know who plans to attend and share important details like time, date, and virtual location with your guests. Choose from a number of beautiful Halloween invitations to send friends and family to let them know that your party is still on! Don’t forget to add a Zoom, Google Meet, or Skype link so everyone knows how to participate. 

Just because the party is digital doesn’t mean you can’t still host fun activities and provide delicious cocktails! Here are just a few ideas that you can integrate into your party:

  • Encourage Costumes: What is a Halloween party without costumes? Encourage guests to dress up. Have a few off-beat awards or superlatives for your guests like “best use of a hat”, “most colorful costume”, and “most boring costume”. You can also judge costumes more traditionally, like best costume, most terrifying, and best couples costumes.

  • Creepy Cocktails: Have everyone conceive and present their own spooky cocktail creations. You could also ask the group’s top mixologist volunteers to teach everyone how to make some of their own festive drinks. Additionally, you can include some suggested cocktails linked from your invitation. Here are a few suggestions: Apple Cocktails for Fall Parties, Blood Red Halloween Cocktail, and more Halloween cocktails.

  • Halloween Trivia: Put together Halloween trivia for your guests. Questions can focus on facts about Halloween, popular Halloween movies, tidbits about pumpkins, etc. There are tons of resources online for the questions. Break your guests into smaller breakout groups of 3-4 people and give them a set time (45-60 seconds) to answer each question. Award points for correct answers. Tally up the results and name the champions! 

  • Music: Put together a Halloween themed playlist to have on in the background to set the tone and create some ambiance. Here is a list of Halloween songs for your playlist. Don’t pump the volume too loud. You want it just loud enough that guests can talk and be heard but that any silences when activities are being done can be filled with something to keep the mood steady. If you prefer music that may be less of a distraction, you could always check out lyricless themes such as the theme from the “Halloween” film series or the theme from “The Exorcist.” You could probably get away with playing the entire soundtrack from one of those really scary movies. Anything that exudes a creepy vibe works if you are just looking for a little noise in the background.

The most important thing is to relax and enjoy Halloween with your closest friends, colleagues, etc. In many ways a virtual gathering is even better -- you don’t have to deal with driving, parking and getting home late! 

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