Fun Christmas Party Games for Kids

Throwing a Christmas party for your whole family or the entire neighborhood is a great way to get people together during the holiday season, however in order to please all of your guests, you may need to prepare some Christmas party games for kids. Plan activities that are lively and active to keep the little ones entertained and happy all night long.

Here are some suggestions for kids Christmas party game ideas:

  • Pin the Nose on Rudolph: Some kids Christmas party games can simply be holiday twists on the classics. This is just like pin the tail on the donkey, but instead you can use a cutout of image of a reindeer who is missing his red nose. Blindfold children and let them try to aim for the target. Whoever is closest to the mark, wins!
  • Candy Cane Relay Race: For this activity, divide children into teams and provide each team with four candy canes. They must hang the candy canes over their fingers and hurry to pass them on to the next member in line, but without using their thumbs. If all four candy canes are broken, that team is eliminated from the race.
  • Santa Says: This game is played just like “Simon Says,” but children must listen for the leader Elf to say “Santa Says” before completing any motion. If they accidentally follow an instruction without hearing the magic phrase, they must sit down, and the last person standing becomes the next leader Elf.
  • Christmas Family Feud: Many Christmas party game ideas for kids can be fun for adults as well! Try playing a few rounds of family feud and test your knowledge of favorite holiday traditions, stories, or other trivia. You can look up survey answers on the Internet or poll your guests, and have some friendly competition at your holiday party.

You are sure to impress your younger guests with these Christmas party games kids can play. Other parents will thank you for temporarily distracting the little ones and everyone will enjoy being in the holiday atmosphere together. Remember to invite your loved ones to your celebration with one of our free Christmas party invitations!

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