Fun Activities for a Spring Get-together

Spring is finally the time of year where you can plan events outside! Take advantage of the change in season, and plan a party that can involve outdoor activities. Host a party outdoors and keep it simple – save time on the set up and have less to clean up. Whether it’s at a nearby park or your own backyard, there are so many possibilities. Whatever you decide, the following event ideas with matching online invitations are the perfect way to start your spring celebration.

Organize a Bike Ride

This is a great way to keep yourself, and your kids, in shape and active! Host a bike ride with your friends to enjoy the nicer weather and get some exercise. Everyone can meet in one location to start, but end back at the host’s home for a healthy brunch or lunch. You could even have everyone bring their favorite healthy snack or dish for a potluck-style meal! Share important event details and manage RSVPs online with bike-themed invitations.
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Go on a Hike 

Plan a hiking outing! Customize hiking invitations and ask all of your outdoor-loving friends to join you anywhere with trails nearby. Depending on experience level, plan a hike from 1 mile to 10. A shorter hike could allow for children to also attend. Hand out goodie bags of water, trail mix, and fruit for your guests, and don’t forget your camera!  

Try Horseback Riding 

This is a unique, fun activity to do with your friends – kids included! Horseback riding can be an exciting and new experience, and the perfect activity for a spring get-together. To start, send horse-themed invitations by text or email to get the word out and easily manage RSVPs online. After everyone goes riding, have them over for a casual dinner. Use a stable or horse-theme to really have fun with the event! 

Test Your Mini Golf Skills

A perfect place to have a party is the mini golf course. Everyone can participate, and there is no preparation or clean up! Gather your friends and their kids for a fun day out of the house. If you have enough people, create small teams for a bit of competitive fun – include prizes as an added bonus! Browse cute mini golf invitations to start your planning. 


Host a Picnic

Picnics are fun, easy, and can be done at a local park or in your own backyard! Set up picnic blankets across the grass for your guests to sit. Provide a picnic basket on each blanket with lunch items for everyone to share. Don’t forget a Frisbee or football to toss around after everyone is done eating! It’s inexpensive, simple to organize, and a great way to enjoy the spring weather. Send picnic invitations to get started!

Organize a Day at the Zoo

This is a perfect outdoor activity for children (and adults) of any age! Have your friends bring their kids and meet there – causing no mess or hassle. After exploring the zoo, head to a local picnic area and enjoy a nice lunch with friends while the kids play together. Browse zoo-themed invitations and send them from any digital device. 

Clink Cups at a Tea Party

This is a perfect spring activity to fulfill any little girl’s wish! Host a tea party in your backyard or patio with finger foods, cookies, cakes, and of course some tea. Provide several varieties for every taste – plain black tea, green tea, and fruit teas. Use pastel-colored decorations with fresh flowers and fancy tea cup sets to set the mood. Check out these sweet tea party invitations you can customize and send in minutes.

No matter what activity you decide to plan, remember that the important thing is to spend time outside together with friends and family. Make the most out of your spring, and host a party to celebrate!
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