Free Graduation Invitations

Graduation invitations set the tone for your graduation party. Hosting a fun and casual cookout for your high school grad? Want to invite your college grad's best friends and their families to an elegant dinner on the town? Punchbowl can help you find the perfect graduation party invitations to make your own.

Here are a few examples of the free graduation invitations available on Punchbowl.

 Here are a few tips to consider when you send invitations for a graduation:

  • Purpose of the Invitation: Do you want to invite guests to the commencement ceremony, to a graduation party, or both? Most graduates are allocated a limited number of commencement tickets. Make sure your graduation invitations are very clear to guests as to which event(s) you are inviting them.
  • Attire Recommendation: Graduation parties can vary greatly from the casual to the formal. In fact, many colleges and universities host their own black-tie events during graduation weekend to celebrate the occasion. If you have any doubts about whether or not guests will know how to dress for your graduation party, make a note on the graduation invitation. Common attire references include: Smart Casual, Cocktail Attire, and Black Tie Optional.
  • Special Requests: If you plan to do something special for your grad for the party—like put together a photo album, slideshow or journal—and need input from guests, make those requests on your graduation party invites. Punchbowl allows you to include a note with your invitation that is ideal for requests of this kind.
Additional graduation invitation ideas include highlighting the grad's accomplishments. For example, if he/she graduated on the dean's list, include that honor on the graduation invitation. If he/she played a sport, you can select a graduation party invitation that ties in with their sport of choice!
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