Five Exciting Snow Activities

Appreciate winter and all it has to offer with fun and exciting snow activities. Plan snow activities for kids to prevent boredom during the winter months and to get fresh air even on the coldest of days. Bundle them up, and head on outside to take part in snow day activities.

Snow activities for children include:

  • Snowman: Build a life-like snowman in the front yard of your home and leave it on display for all to see and enjoy. Roll three large balls of snow—one large for the bottom, one medium for the middle, and one small for the head. Dress up the snowman with coal for the eyes and mouth, and a carrot for the nose. Place a black top hat on the snowman’s head and use sticks for the snowman’s arms.
  • Snow angels: Get the kids’ winter gear on and head outside to make beautiful snow angels. Follow these easy steps to make your creations:
  • Dress all participants in warm clothing, including boots, hats and gloves.
  • Search for the perfect area of snow—smooth and without footprints.
  • Gather your snow angel team, and have them stand far enough apart so that when they move their arms, they do not touch each other.
  • Instruct the kids to fall gently into the snow, on their backs, and lay flat.
  • Have the kids brush their arms between their head and waist in a flying motion.
  • Have them move their legs apart as far as they will go and then together.
  • Repeat the arm and leg motions until you see indentations in the snow.
  • Assist the kids when they get out of the snow to avoid handprints on the snow angels.
  • Examine snowflakes: Plan fun preschool snow activities for little kids, such as examining snowflakes. Gather the necessary supplies, which include black construction paper and a magnifying glass. Place a piece of black construction paper outside, and let it chill for a few minutes. Next, start to catch snowflakes. Use a magnifying glass to examine the snowflakes outside. See and point out how no two snowflakes are exactly alike.
  • Snow painting: Become an artist for the day and add beautiful colors to the snow. Gather the necessary supplies, which include food coloring, water, an old bowl, paintbrushes and old, warm clothing. Dress in old clothes for this messy project. Add about ten drops of food coloring to three teaspoons of water in the old bowl. Find a section of snow, around five-foot by five-foot, and press it down firmly. Use the paint brushes, and splash bright colors onto the snow to create beautiful snow paintings.
  • Make icicles: Make icicles with the necessary supplies, which include a pencil, plastic cup, string, water, pin, and a very cold night! Poke three or four holes around the lip of a plastic cup with the pencil. Tie approximately eight inches of string through each hole, and tie the ends of the strings together to hang the cup. Poke a very small hole in the bottom of the cup with the pin. Fill the cup with water. Make sure the water drips very slowly out of the hole in the bottom. Hang the cup outside on a tree branch on a very cold night. Check on the cup the next morning, and see an icicle on the bottom!

Enjoy these activities to do in the snow, and take lots of pictures right away. Watch the snow melt quickly, and the beautiful creations disappear back into the ground.

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