Father's Day Craft Ideas

Need some fun Father’s Day craft ideas? With the holiday just around corner, plan a few crafts to do with your kids for Dad on his special day. Father’s Day crafts are also great for teachers to do with children in the classroom the week before. Your kids will love presenting dad with their handmade crafts on Father’s Day this year!
  • Nuts About Dad: This is an easy Father’s Day craft for kids to make and will definitely make him laugh out loud. You will need: a mason jar, a bag of peanuts (shell on), brown construction paper, googly eyes, crayons, glue and ribbon. Start by filling the mason jar with the peanuts and sealing with the lid. Then, cut a peanut shape out of the brown construction paper (this step may require a little assistance) and decorate with a hand-drawn face and mouth and googly eyes. On the middle of the peanut cut out write something funny like, “Dad, I’m nuts about you!” Glue the peanut on the front of the jar and finish by tying a ribbon around the top.

  • Personalized photo frame: A personalized photo frame is a great Father’s day craft for toddlers and up. You will need: a wooden picture frame (4x6 or 5x7), a photo of the kids and Dad, glue, paint, paint brushes, markers and stickers. Start by painting the frame whatever colors the child wants. Let the paint dry before adding additional decorations such as glitter, stickers, or sentiments like “#1 Dad” or “Daddy’s little girl/boy.” After the decorations are complete, place the photo in the frame for the child to present to Dad on Father’s Day. It is a fun and personalized gift that Dad will be able to have for years to come.

  • Daddy’s Day Coupons: This preschool Father’s Day craft is imaginative and requires the kids to be creative. You will need: construction paper, stapler, crayons/markers/colored pencils, glue and a photo of Dad and the kids. Start by making a book out of the construction paper. Fold the paper in half the short way and staple a few times at the crease. For the cover of the coupon book, have the kids glue a picture of them and Dad on the front. Then decorate it with markers and other craft materials like stickers, glitter paint, etc. Make sure they include the title, “Dad’s Day Coupons” or something similar. On the inside of the book, have the kids fill out coupons that Dad can redeem throughout his special day. Phrase the coupons by saying, “This coupon entitles Dad to…” and let the kids fill in the blanks. Some great coupon ideas are: one big huge hug, one kiss, breakfast in bed, a picnic, a movie of his choice or an ice cream sundae.

  • Handmade Father’s Day Card: A fun Father’s Day craft for all ages is making a handmade card. Handmade cards are a very special and personal way for kids to show their Dad how much they appreciate him. You will need: construction paper or card stock, markers, a picture of Dad and the kids, glue, and any other craft supplies you have on hand. Fold the paper in half and let the kids decorate the front and inside with a personal message, picture and design of their choice. Some great phrases to put on the front include: #1 Dad, World’s Best Dad, I Love You Dad or You’re Out of this World!
After you create a craft, be sure to send online Father's Day invitations so you can celebrate Dad with family and friends! 

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