Evite vs Punchbowl: Frustrating “Maybe” RSVPs

When you set out to plan a party, one of the biggest perks of choosing online invitations instead of paper is that you can keep track of your RSVPs in one place. But not all online invitations are created equal on this front.

Frustrating “Maybe” RSVPs on Evite®

Every party host knows that nothing is more frustrating than when a guest fails to RSVP “yes” or “no” to your event. After all, an accurate headcount is essential for planning purposes — such as food and beverage purchases, seating, space, and more. It’s hard to be the hostess with the mostess when you’re on the non-receiving end of an RSVP. So why perpetuate indecisive RSVPs by allowing frustrating “Maybe” responses on invites? Well, we can’t speak for the thought process behind the team at Evite®, where “Maybe” responses plague the RSVP lists of party hosts, but we can tell you this: At Punchbowl®, we get it.

Choose Punchbowl® for an Accurate Headcount

The team at Punchbowl® understands how important it is to have an accurate headcount for your celebration. When you send our free online invitations, guests don’t have the option to choose a “Maybe” response. Instead, guests have the option to choose “Yes,” “No,” or “Decide Later” when responding to your e-invitation. When guests choose “Decide Later,” they are automatically sent an email reminder to respond “Yes” or “No” to the event. We make sure you know exactly how many guests will attend your party.

What happens when a guest RSVPs “Maybe” on Evite®?

When you send a free online invite via Evite®, guests have the option to respond “Maybe” to your event. The host is unable to change the response option of his or her party guests, and must cope with non-committal “Maybe” responses to their evites. The host is unable to plan accordingly, given that numbers for his or her event are uncertain. Punchbowl® offers hundreds of gorgeous free online invitations and is the best Evite alternative.  

Say goodbye to frustrating “Maybe” RSVPs. Say Adiós to Evite®. Because with Evite®, your guests won’t “be there.” They “might be there.”


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