Election Night Party

Presidential elections are exciting, momentous  occasions. Host an election night party to celebrate Whether you're a Republican, Democrat, or Independent, it's always fun to gather friends together to watch all the twists and turns. Host the election party at your house or at a restaurant, but make sure there is a television big enough for everyone to see and that it's centrally located. As with any party, organizing election parties is no less stressful. Here are some helpful election party ideas to get the ball rolling:

Election party games: As a fun play on the Republican elephant and Democratic donkey mascots, play "Pin the Tail..." on each animal. This game is fun for adults and kids! Write up a bunch of trivia questions having to do American politics and gather everyone together during commercial breaks to see who knows the most about American history.

Election party invitation: Send a digital invitation though Punchbowl! The invite can be customized with all the relevant party information, what you'll serve to eat, and when it starts. You can also take a cocktail poll of your guests, organize a potluck, and monitor who's coming.

Election party decorations: Go all out with the red, blue, and white decor. Arrange bunches of festive balloons, American flags, presidential banners, streamers, and party hats all over the party space.

Election party menu: Serve themed food, like dishes from the candidate's home states, or create a menu with some very American dishes. For example, macaroni and cheese, hotdogs, mini beef sliders, BBQ, and a candy bar.

Election party favors: Send each guest home with a small American flag and a vanilla cupcake with red and blue frosting. Or buy red, white, and blue mini umbrellas or USA T-shirts for everyone to show their American pride.

Election night parties are fun and historical. Make it a night to remember with good food, fun decor, and great friends.

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