Easy Ways to Decorate for Halloween

Need to dress up your home for the season or for a Halloween party? You don’t need a big budget or an artsy side to decorate for Halloween like a pro. Gather the kids for a craft party or set aside some time to work on these easy decor tips. Try one - or a few - of these super easy Halloween decorations to create a spooky vibe for your trick or treaters. 
  • White pumpkins are a cute and classy decoration for Halloween. Plus, they look festive with just about anything - in an old wicker basket, sitting on a thick candelabra, or simply on an orange placemat. If you’re feeling extra creative, paint the pumpkins a different color or spray them with glue and add some orange sparkles for an extra touch. You can also get a silver marker and draw patterns on each pumpkin. 
  • Create ghosts out of old milk cartons. This couldn’t be easier. Empty and clean the jugs thoroughly (make sure they’re see-through jugs, not white). Use a thick black marker and draw pumpkin, ghost, or vampire faces onto the jugs. Then place candles inside the jugs and line your front porch or driveway to create a spooky look. 
  • Carve a circular shape out of the top of a few tiny orange pumpkins and scoop out any stringy insides.. Place tea lights inside the hole and you’ve got a halloween decoration! Take it one step further and glue 3 black pipe cleaners to each side and 2 eyeballs to the front to create a spider candle.
  • Gather the kids and create paper bats for the ceiling. Take pieces of black construction paper and fold them in half. Have the kids trace their hands on the paper, with their wrist on the folded end. Be sure to keep the middle section by the fold slightly more narrow than the fingers (aka the wings). Use scissors and cut along the lines. Open up the paper and you have a paper bat! Tape a bunch of these to the ceiling for a flying bats look. 
  • You don’t need a pumpkin to make a Jack O’Lantern. Stock up on soup cans for a few weeks. Make sure you clean them thoroughly after use and allow them to dry. When it’s craft time, all you need is orange paint and a black marker (or black paint). Pain the outside of the cans with orange paint. When they’re dry, draw on fun and festive pumpkin faces, and voila, you can DIY Jack O’Lanterns. 
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