Easy Halloween Costumes

 Make your fall season simple this year with easy Halloween costume ideas. Enjoy the opportunity to create homemade easy Halloween costumes to save time and money and to give yourself the creative license to style the costumes to your preference.
 Here are a few ideas for easy Halloween costumes:
  • Women: Be efficient and create easy Halloween costumes for women. Make a witch costume with a simple black dress, black witches hat, black heels, and some green face paint. Don’t forget to grab your kitchen broom on your way out the door. For another option, dress in masquerade ball attire. Wear a fancy ball gown from your closet and purchase and decorate a mask from your local craft store with feathers and sequins. Attach a pencil to the side, and wrap it with satin ribbon.
  • Men: Put together quick, easy Halloween costumes for men with only a few simple supplies. Dress up as Pee Wee Herman with a gray suit and a white button down shirt. Accent the outfit with a red bow tie. Dye your hair with temporary black coloring, slick it forward, and spike up the front. For another Halloween costume idea, dress up as a cowboy. Wear black jeans, a black button shirt with two pockets, a pair of cowboy boots, and a cowboy hat. Add a toy holster and gun for the final touch.
  • Unisex: Dress in a toga costume for a unisex Halloween costume option. Wrap an old white sheet around yourself and secure it with gold rope. Make a wreath of leaves to wear on your head.
 Plan your costume in advance and be sure you have all of the necessities for your outfit. Leave plenty of time to ask family and friends to borrow specific items for your costume.
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