DIY Superhero Halloween Costumes

One of the most popular costumes year in and out are superheros. There are a plethora of choices available at retailers, but it can be fun and simple to make your own superhero costumes with items you find around the house or at craft stores. With a little imagination and some hot glue, you can create just about any superhero costume. Here is a helpful round-up of DIY superhero costumes and what you need to do to make them:
Halloween costumes with a cape: For most superhero costumes (Superman, Avengers, Batman), you'll need a cape. They can be made from just about anything - beach towels, tablecloths, leftover fabric scraps, etc. A popular option is to take an old beach towel and attach Velcro to the top two edges to connect under the chin. Use iron-on letters in whatever letter correlates with the superhero of choice. 

DIY costumes with extra household items: For a high-powered jetpack, take two plastic liter soda bottles and spray paint them silver. Glue them together and flip them upside down. Glue a long piece of elastic to the backs of both and then attach the edges with Velcro so it can be worn around the chest. Make "flames" out of red and orange felt and glue to the inside of the bottle holes. For superhero cuffs, take toilet paper or paper towel rolls and cut all the way down one side. Paint the superhero icons on each and use buttons for a little bit more detail. 

Simple superhero details: Bright colored tights, leftover fabric, kitchen towels, cardboard boxes, construction paper and craft supplies can all be used to make the details of any superhero. Just a little creative thinking, and a cardboard box can be transformed into a shield or superhero weapon. 

 A Halloween costume should be fun and experimental, so don't be afraid to try a few times to get something just right. 
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