Disney’s Wish Party Ideas the Birthday Kid Will Love

Get ready to sparkle with a magical Wish party. Disney’s Wish movie, in theaters now, tells the story of a girl named Asha who wishes upon a star and the adventurous journey that follows. 

Bring Wish’s Asha and the enchanted Kingdom of Rosas to life with beautiful Wish party invitations, fabulous decorations, fantastic food, and fun games and activities. Check out the Wish ideas below to plan a perfect party for your little one. 

Send Disney's Wish Invitations

Start your celebration off on the right foot with gorgeous Disney's Wish invitations that feature Asha, friends, family, and – of course – Star. Customize your favorite digital invitation with important event information, send by text or email, then easily manage RSVPs. 

Create an Enchanted Kingdom

Recreate Asha’s magical Kingdom of Rosas in your party space with fairy lights, lanterns, and colorful balloons to create a whimsical ambiance. Sprinkle glittery confetti stars on tables throughout your home and use light projectors to help add more color to your mystical atmosphere. 

disney-wish-party-decorations.jpeg 13.59 MB

Plan a Magical Menu 

Create “Magic Potion” drinks with different colored juices, edible glitter, or colorful ice cubes (simply add a few drops of food coloring to water in ice cube trays). For something guests can munch on, make Rice Krispie treats, color them with yellow food dye, and use a star-shaped cookie cutter to create mini versions of Asha’s friend, Star. Finally, for dessert, incorporate beautiful lavender and blue hues into your frosting and decorate with edible gold stars for a stunning birthday cake. 

disney-wish-cake.jpeg 3.68 MB
Screen Shot 2023-11-21 at 5.53.43 PM.png 811.23 KB

Play Whimsical Wish Games

Add some fun and excitement to your Wish party with these games and activities party guests will love. 

  • Wishing Well: Set up a game for party-goers to toss coins into a decorated "Wishing Well" for a chance to win small prizes. For the coins, you can use pocket change, yellow bean bags, or gold foil-wrapped chocolate coins.

  • Wishing Stars: Provide star-shaped pieces of paper for party-goers to write their dreams and wishes on. Let guests decorate their stars with markers, glitter, and stickers. Place each star in a small mason jar and give them to guests as party favors along with instructions to place the jars next to their bed and think about their wish as they fall asleep.

    disney-wish-party-game.jpg 1.02 MB

Throw an unforgettable celebration for the birthday boy or girl with this enchanting theme. Personalize Disney's Wish invitations today to set the stage for a magical event!

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