Dinner Party Themes

Dinner parties are a fantastic way to gather family and friends for a fun evening filled with yummy food and great conversation. A dinner party theme can really help pull the night together and will ultimately make planning much easier. For example, a good dinner party theme will help you clearly identify items for the menu as well as wine pairings, music selection, and even decorations.
Here are some popular dinner party theme ideas based on a few different concepts:
  • Country or Regional Theme: Some of the easiest dinner party themes to choose are those that are based on a certain country or region of the world. Italian food, French food, and Mexican food are three of the most popular types of dinner parties to plan. This is because many people are already familiar with this food and style of cooking. Other countries known for their distinct cuisine that would provide a nice dinner party theme include Morocco, Spain, Brazil, and Japan.
  • Color Themes: Many dinner party themes for adults don't necessarily relate to the type of food served at the dinner party. Rather, they focus on the aesthetics of the decorations, table settings, and overall presentation of the party. Color themes are perfect for dinner parties because they are playful and fun to execute. Yellow and green (also known as "Lemons and Limes") is one example, but you can get creative with other color combinations. Black and white parties are increasingly popular, in which guests often are asked to wear black and/or white. Some other color combos include pink and green, purple and silver, and red and gold (especially at the holidays). 
  • Specialty Themes: There are so many unique ideas for dinner party themes. If you want to host a dinner party but want to focus the party on something besides the food or decorations, consider one of these great dinner party theme ideas. Murder mystery dinner parties include a Clue-like game played by guests during dinner. A fondue party is always sure to please guests. In addition to cheese fondue, get a chocolate fondue fountain for dessert. Another idea is to host an Iron Chef dinner party in which guests compete in a cook-off.

Other wonderful dinner party theme ideas are to create a theme around your favorite tv show or movie, host a red carpet themed party, or make it a musical karaoke party!

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