Dining Out on Thanksgiving

 Leave your apron at home this turkey day and make plans for dining out on Thanksgiving. Add personal touches to the decorations and meal to make it special and festive. Consider ideas for a Thanksgiving dinner out such as centerpieces, seating cards, and Thanksgiving favors.
 Here are a few ideas for dining out on Thanksgiving that will make the day special and personal:
  • Centerpieces: Make your Thanksgiving extra special and bring centerpieces to place on the restaurant tables. Select centerpieces that represent the fall season and radiate warmth for Thanksgiving. Consider centerpieces such as pillar candles, cornucopias, and a large bowl with floating candles and leaves or flower petals inside.
  • Seating Cards: Bring your own seating cards to Thanksgiving dinner. Keep your guests organized and add your own creativity at the same time. Decorate the Thanksgiving seating cards with turkeys, colorful paints, or metallic markers. Choose traditional seating cards to decorate or make unique seating cards, such as small votive candles or pumpkins, and write the names of guests on the front.
  • Favors: Make or buy favors to bring to the restaurant Thanksgiving dinner. Make special Thanksgiving lollipops for guests right in your own kitchen. Purchase chocolate and turkey lollipop molds from your craft or grocery store. Once complete, place them in cellophane bags, tie ribbon around the tops, and pass them out to Thanksgiving guests. For another idea, purchase movie tickets from the local theatre and surprise guests with a trip to the movies after dinner.
 Check in advance with restaurants open on Thanksgiving to be sure there aren't any restrictions, especially with the centerpieces. Have fun and get creative! Focus on the decorations, seating cards and favors – not preparing and cooking the food.
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