Decorations for Oktoberfest

When it’s time to plan your Oktoberfest decorations, use blue and white checkers for the main color theme and pattern. Blue and white represents the German state of Bavaria, which is where Oktoberfest originates. You can also consider red, yellow, and black—the colors of the German flag. Plan decorations for all the different components of the party, especially your tables and centerpieces. Find ways to incorporate your party favors into the decor!

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Here are a few ideas for Oktoberfest decorations to get you started:

  • Table Settings: Add Oktoberfest party decorations to the table settings. Start with a blue and white checkered table cloth as the base. Accent the table cloth with white plates, blue napkins, white cutlery, and blue cups.

  • Centerpieces: Decorate the tables with creative centerpieces. Place a beer stout in the middle of the table and fill it with flowers or autumn accents from your local craft store. Select flowers in the colors blue and white or red and yellow. Send the centerpieces home with a guest at each table.

  • Table Decorations: Set a beer candle at each table setting as both a decoration and a favor for the Oktoberfest party guests. Set up a table by the door with a blue and white tablecloth, and place soft pretzels in cellophane bags on top. Tie blue and white ribbons around the tops of the cellophane bags. Encourage guests to take a pretzel as they leave the party.
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  • Party Decorations: Be sure to incorporate Octoberfest decorations throughout the entire celebration. Accent the room with either blue and white balloons or red, yellow, and black balloons. Hang an Oktoberfest banner or place an Oktoberfest sign in the front yard or at the front of the venue to help guests identify the party location. Adorn the guests with Oktoberfest party buttons and blue and white party necklaces.
Finally, set the stage for your party with online Oktoberfest invitations you can personalize and send from your phone in minutes.  

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