Declare Your Independence: 4th of July Party Planning

If you want to declare your Independence and stray from traditional 4th of July party planning but aren’t sure where to begin, check out these ideas for an unconventional July 4th celebration. 

Most Americans will celebrate Independence Day outside in backyards and parks having traditional 4th of July picnics and barbeques. So, if you want to be different, turn this convention upside down and think globally!


America is, after all, the melting pot of people from all over the world, so celebrate this diversity with food and music from different countries. Host an “Around the World” party on the 4th. Go all out and decorate each room with the food, décor and music that represents a different country—Mexico, China and Africa offer a great contrast. Tie the theme together with globes and carry this through from the beginning with cool online invitations from Punchbowl.

So, if you’ve had one too many 4th of July parties with Yankee Doodle playing in the background, declare your Independence and go for mariachi music instead. Remember, our freedom to do things differently is what makes America beautiful.

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