Customize Your Holiday Greetings

With online greeting cards, it's never been easier to send free, personalized cards to friends and family during the holiday season. Not sure where to start? Below are some helpful tips to get you started on your thoughtful, digital holiday cards.

Early December is about the right time to send holiday cards to friends and family, or at least start thinking about it. If you have a long list of errands and tasks to complete during the holiday season, turn to online greetings to alleviate some of that stress. Even if you don't want to send your cards right away, you can design them and then schedule them send on a specific date in the future. 

Once you have your list of recipients, go online and start to browse the collection of free eCards. Scroll through the various categories, such as religious designs or photo cards. Once you find a card you like, you can customize it a number of ways. Change the background colors, switch the envelope liner, add a family photo, type a note on the card, and even include a gift card from a leading brand, such as Amazon or Cheesecake Factory. 

Send your holiday eCards to everyone on your list immediately or schedule the card to be delivered at a later date/time (for example on Christmas Eve). You can also share eCards on Facebook and Twitter, which is helpful when you don’t have everyone’s email addresses.

Another unique feature: your recipients can save the digital holiday greetings they receive and display them on an iPad or iPhone so others can admire the beautiful cards.

With hundreds of free eCards ready to be customized, Punchbowl wants to make sending your holiday cards this year fun (and easy)!

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