College Graduation Gift Ideas

 Is someone you know graduating from college in the near future? A college graduation gift is a great way to applaud them for all of their efforts and accomplishments. Here are some great ideas for college graduation presents:
  • Briefcase/Laptop Bag: Many college graduates will start their first job after graduation. A leather briefcase or laptop bag is a thoughtful gift to prepare them for their first day in the real world so that they can make a good first impression among their coworkers and superiors. Typically brown or black are the best color choices for a brief case. Try to find one with several pockets so that the graduate can stay organized. Get the briefcase or bag personalized with the grad's initials for an extra special touch.
  • Diploma Frame: A diploma frame is a wonderful college graduation present for any recent graduate. It's nice to be able to display a diploma, but it requires a little bit of effort to get it framed property. Make this your gift to the college grad. Many frames can be custom made to match the graduate’s school colors. They can also be engraved or plated with important dates/details. If you want to customize the frame in any way make sure that you order it early enough so that it will be ready in time for the graduation party!
  • Jewelry: A special necklace, bracelet, or ring is a fantastic graduation gift for a college student. Every time that they wear it they will be reminded of how proud you are of them for their accomplishments. You can also have many pieces of jewelry engraved to add a sentimental touch!
  • Money or Gift Cards: Help your college grad make the transition from college student to young professional. This means a new, more professional wardrobe. A gift card to a relevant store or money towards a shopping trip is a great college graduation gift. You could even offer to take them shopping to help pick out a few new outfits if you want to make a fun day out of it.
  • Travel Gear: After four or more years of hard work and diligence, many college students take big vacations to celebrate their accomplishments. Travel gear like luggage, travel books, maps, and language books are fantastic gifts for the college graduation party. If the graduate plans to travel or move to a new country where they do not speak the language, give the gift of language classes or Rosetta Stone as a graduation gift!
  • Technology: Who doesn't love new gadgets? A new iPad, digital camera, DVD player, or television would all be ideal gifts for a college grad. A smart phone like a Blackberry or iPhone is another graduation gift idea.
  • Photo Album/Scrapbook: A sentimental college graduation gift idea is to fill a photo album with pictures of the graduate throughout the years. You can also add articles that have been written about them from sports or school contests or different awards that they have won over the years.
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