Christmas Table Decorations

Dress your house to impress with beautiful Christmas table decorations. When you plan your holiday decor this year, incorporate a combination of holiday cheer and traditional style in your table decorations for Christmas. Consider decorations such as mini Christmas trees, pine cone Christmas trees, sleighs, and decorative wine glasses.

Get started with these festive Christmas table decoration ideas:

  • Mini Christmas Trees: Add some holiday cheer to each table with mini Christmas trees. Make these table decorations for Christmas and dress them up with your own special style. Hang traditional mini ornaments on the trees or get creative and hang scratch tickets. Base the number of scratch tickets on the amount of people at the table. Let each guest scratch one and hope for a big prize!
  • Pine Cone Christmas Trees: Make a pine cone table decoration for Christmas and turn it into a Christmas tree. Gather different size pine cones and place them in candle stick holders and small tin cups. Glue a star to the top of each pine cone to create Christmas trees. Add a festive ambiance with red and gold candles.
  • Sleighs: Place a sleigh in the center of each Christmas table and fill it with yummy treats. Select gourmet chocolates wrapped in gold foil or different flavored candy canes. For another idea, fill the sleigh with individual favors for guests such as bags of jelly beans, M&Ms, or trail mix.
  • Wine Glasses: Gather a handful of wine glasses and put Christmas related items inside to create Christmas table decorations. Fill a quarter of each glass with white sand and place mini glass ornaments inside such as stars and circles. Place tea light inserts in the glasses and fit the wires over the edges of the glasses. Light the tea lights when guests start to arrive at your party!

Save your Christmas table decorations for next year or send them home with party guests. Play a fun game to determine who will take home the prize!

Get ready for the holiday season by planning your own Christmas celebration. Here’s one of our favorite free Christmas invitation designs to get started:

Free Christmas party invitations

Free Christmas party invitations

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