Choosing a Photo for Your Engagement Announcement

Many couples send an engagement announcement to friends and family to formally announce their engagement. It's a great way to let those important to you know (who haven't already been called) that you're tying the knot. Engagement announcements are great for those people that you don't need to call directly, but that you don't want to find out about your engagement because you changed your relationship status on Facebook.

The information on an engagement announcement is pretty simple — it's just your big news. You may want to tell people how and when you got engaged, but you can keep it pretty simple. However, you'll definitely want to make sure you include a terrific picture to include on your announcement. 

Here are some tips for choosing the right picture for your engagement announcement:

  • Make sure you’re both smiling
  • Make sure it’s family-friendly and appropriate (no drunk, half naked pictures please)
  • Make sure it’s a good quality image
  • Make sure it’s just of the happy couple (we don’t need to see all of your friends and family)
  • Photos that work well include vacation photos, photos from past events where you’re both dressed up, and pics from sporting events

Once you've found a fantastic image, send your online engagement announcements - for free!

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