Lunar New Year Music

Every good party needs a soundtrack, and that includes your next Lunar New Year party! From traditional tunes to modern pop hits, there is no shortage of music options for your Lunar New Year celebration. Find the right sounds to suit your event from the list of suggestions below.
 Set the mood with these songs for the Lunar New Year:
  • New Years Songs: Special songs for the new year include those containing well wishes for others. “Gongxi, Gongxi” means “congratulations,” “Gong Xi Fa Cai” means “wishing you wealth and prosperity,” and “Xin Nian Kuai Le” means “Happy New Year.” Songs with these titles are all available on the 2009 album The Legendary Chinese New Year Hits.
  • Lion Dance Music: Lion dance music features beating drums and other percussion instruments like cymbals and gongs. Play this for an upbeat and energized sound. Another traditional Chinese instrument with a unique sound is the erhu, a two-stringed fiddle with silk strings played with a bow. Look for albums that have lion dance tracks like Chinese New Years Music by Heart of the Dragon Ensemble.
  • Classical Music: Classical musicians from China are a popular choice for Chinese New Year ambience. Try recordings from artists such as Yo Yo Ma, Yundi Li, or Lang Lang.
  • C-Pop: Chinese popular music (abbreviated C-pop) is a genre that is rising in popularity around the world. These songs will sound more similar to Western music. Some notable artists with albums available in the USA include Han Geng, Anthony Neely, Penny Tai, Cheer Chen, Sodagreen, and Nan Quan Mama.
Set up a mixed playlist that will incorporate many of the different sounds of Chinese music and enjoy feeling the joy of the holiday! Happy Chinese New Year!
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