Celebrity Halloween Costume Ideas

Celebrate Halloween this year with fantastic celebrity Halloween costume ideas. Dress up as a famous actress, a prominent figure in politics or a reality star. Be creative and meticulous with the details for your celebrity themed Halloween costumes so they are convincing. When it comes to choosing a celebrity costume for Halloween, it’s best to choose personalities that are over-the-top. It will be easier for you to find aspects of their personality and look to emulate and it will help everyone identify who you’re supposed to be.

Here are a few celebrity Halloween costumes to choose from:

  • Donald Trump: Dress up as Donald Trump for a celebrity costume – blond come-over, flamboyant suit and all. Purchase a toupee and rent a suit at your local tuxedo shop or select one from your closet. Pick a simple white button down shirt with Trump’s trademark pastel pink tie. For props, carry a briefcase and fill the briefcase with candy and hand out pieces to guests who like your look. Top your Donald Trump costume off with a personality to match. Introduce yourself as, “The Donald,” and practice the phrase, “You’re fired!” before the party.
  • Elvis Presley: Deck yourself out as “The King of Rock and Roll” for the evening, in an Elvis Presley costume. Purchase an Elvis costume at your local party store. Wear an Elvis wig or slick your hair back. Keep a microphone in your hand and a guitar by your side throughout the party. Don’t forget to practice your Elvis moves so you can shake those hips once the music begins!
  • Snooki: Dress up as Snooki from the reality television show Jersey Shore for a Halloween costume this year. Purchase a wig of long dark hair, or flaunt your own. Copy Snooki’s signature hair poof, or wear a trucker’s hat instead. Book a spray tan at your local salon to create a dark skin tone. Schedule an appointment for acrylic nails as well. Wear a short black spandex dress, high heels and lots of chunky jewelry to imitate Snooki’s look.
Go all out with your celebrity Halloween costumes, have a good time and tweak your personality to act as the celebrity throughout the evening! Just try not to offend any other guests in the process!


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