Cartoon Halloween Costumes

Take advantage of Halloween and find your inner child with cartoon Halloween costumes! Consider well-known, classic characters such as Betty Boop with her tiny waist, Popeye with his big muscles, Robin Hood in his tights, and Batman in his cape!

Make your favorite characters come to life with these cartoon Halloween costumes:

  • Betty Boop: Dress up in a Betty Boop Halloween costume to flaunt your big eyes and tiny waist. Wear a black wig to mimic Betty Boop’s hair. Pull down small pieces of hair from the wig and use hair gel to curl them around your forehead and sides your face. Wear lots of black mascara on both your upper and lower lashes, and apply plenty of red lipstick on your lips. Get your hands on a pair of gold hoop earrings and gold bangle bracelets for each wrist. Top it off with a short red dress, red or black high heels, and a garter belt with a heart emblem. Have a Betty Boopilicious time!
  • Popeye and Olive Oyl: Purchase a Popeye Halloween costume and Olive Oyl Halloween costume at your local party store or make them yourself. Create a Popeye costume with blue pants and a black short sleeve button down shirt. Line the ends of the shirt sleeves with blue fabric. Make a red collar around your neck. Don’t forget your pipe, white sailor hat, muscles, anchor tattoos, and a can of spinach! Create an Olive Oyl costume with a red shirt, white scallop neckline, and black skirt with a blue stripe at the bottom. Make a bun in the back of your head to complete the look.
  • Robin Hood: Dress up in a Robin Hood Halloween costume and save the day! Create your tunic with a long green shirt with short sleeves. Cut a jagged edge at the bottom. Tie a brown belt around your waist. Wear long brown spandex pants for your leggings. Place a green triangular hat on top of your head and carry a bow and arrow on your back. Keep an eye out for those in need of help while on your Halloween adventure!
  • Batman: Dress in a Batman Halloween costume and protect the world from crime and the evil Catwoman! Visit your local costume store to purchase a Batman costume or make one yourself. Wear black fitted pants and a black shirt. Create the look of muscles under the shirt with foam stuffing from your local craft store. Accessorize with a gold belt around your waist, high black boots, black gloves with spikes on the back, a black Batman cape, and a Batman mask. Bring along a friend or significant other in a Catwoman Halloween costume with a black shirt, black pants, black gloves, and a black Catwoman mask.

If you’re hosting a party this year, encourage your guests to dress in cartoon Halloween costumes and award prizes for the best costume, most creative costume, and most unique costume. For added fun, consider asking each cartoon character to act out a short scene!

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