St. Patrick's Day Ideas

St. Patrick's Day Ideas

Want to have a St. Patrick's Day party but not sure what to do?  Host a "Luck of the Irish" dinner, complete with all of the traditional Irish dishes, festive drinks and spirits, and decorative touches that fit with the traditions of the holiday.

  • Menu: Start with your menu planning. Start with salad and Irish soda bread. On top of your salads, make a four-leaf clover out of green peppers. Then, serve up the traditional corn beef and cabbage as the main meal. For dessert, put out shamrock-shaped cookies and Irish cream cake. 
  • Cocktails: Green beer is always a favorite for the guys. You can also serve Guiness, Smithwick's and other top Irish brands. As for cocktails, Irish coffee is a terrific option for after dinner that can double as a dessert drink.
  • Attire: Ask everyone to come to your "Luck of the Irish" dinner dressed in green (or green and orange). Have accessories for guests to wear during the party such as green top hats, green beads, and shamrock necklaces.
  • Decorations: Shamrocks, leprechauns, and pots of gold make for festive St. Patrick's Day party decorations. Set your table with mini pots of gold at each place setting. Put a little surprise for each guest at the bottom of their pot of gold. A scratch ticket is a good way for guests to test their luck.

Remember, if you need help planning you St. Patrick's Day party, don't hestitate to ask guests for help. For example, create a potluck list for your dinner. You can also see if some of your more creative friends can help with St. Patrick's Day party ideas for decorations, games, and more.                           

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