Bridal Shower Menu Ideas

One of the key components of planning a bridal shower is to decide on the bridal shower menu. Often the bridal shower theme and the time of the celebration will inform menu decisions. The theme can help inspire your food options and be incorporated into your serving presentation. The time of the party will help you decide whether it is a brunch (10am-1pm), luncheon (1pm-3pm), or dinner (5pm-8pm).

Send beautiful, free online invitations that are perfect for your event, and then get started on planning your menu. Here are some delicious bridal shower menu ideas to help inspire your party planning.

Bridal Shower Brunch Menu: 

Bridal showers that occur in the mid-morning to early afternoon are perfect for serving a brunch menu. Keep in mind that you can alter any of the menu items to fit your theme or tastes. Here are a few suggestions on what to serve for beverages, appetizers, and desserts:

  • Beverages: Fresh squeezed juices (orange, grapefruit, and apple), a variety of flavored coffee, herbal tea, mimosas, and Bloody Mary’s
  • Appetizers: Vegetable quiche, roasted rosemary potatoes, fresh fruit (strawberries, blueberries, melon, bananas, kiwi, etc.), bacon, sausage, Belgian waffles, smoke salmon platter, and fresh breads
  • Desserts: An assortment of fresh pastries such as cannoli’s, mini fruit tarts, lobster tails, Italian cookies, chocolate croissants, macaroons, etc.

Bridal Shower Luncheon Menu: 

A luncheon menu is perfect to serve at any daytime bridal shower. Themes like tea party, stock the kitchen, or garden party work well with this type of menu. Just remember that finger foods are the best to eat and easiest to serve. Here are some bridal shower menu suggestions to include at your luncheon.

  • Beverages: Lemonade, iced tea, an assortment of soda, champagne, punch, and wine (red or white depending on your preference)
  • Appetizers: Finger sandwiches, mixed green salad, fruit salad, pasta salad, egg salad, crudité, chips with dip (fresh guacamole or salsa), assortment of cheeses and crackers, and a smoked fish or meat platter (depending on your preference)
  • Desserts: If you aren’t having a cake, here are some alternatives: bridal themed cupcakes, mini pastries, cookies, brownies, macaroons, and mini cheesecakes

Bridal Shower Dinner Menu: 

Evening bridal showers tend to be more formal and require a more extensive menu. These menu ideas can be tailored to fit your bridal shower theme. An important tip for serving dinner is to make sure you provide your guests with enough tables and seating room to avoid making people stand to eat.

  • Beverages: Assortment of soda (cola, club soda, tonic), wine, beer, champagne, liquor (optional)
  • Appetizers: Crudité, assortment of cheeses and cured meats, stuffed mushrooms, bacon wrapped scallops, shrimp cocktail, nuts, and gourmet chips with hummus
  • Entrées: Roasted herbed chicken served with roasted garlic potatoes and garden vegetables; Pan seared salmon with jasmine rice and sugar snap peas (or any vegetable of your choice); Braised beef shoulder, perfect one pot meal if you’re doing all of the cooking.
  • Desserts: Serving one large dessert is best. If you don’t want a traditional cake consider a few of these suggestions: cheesecake, carrot cake, key lime pie, ice cream cake, assortment of bridal themed cupcakes, or an assortment of gourmet cookies
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