Birthday eCards for All Ages

Send free birthday eCards to people of all ages in all generations! A personal virtual birthday card that is waiting in the birthday boy or girl's inbox when they wake up on their birthday is a truly special way to show you care. Gather your email addresses together so they are at your fingertips, and get ready to choose a design that fits the recipient, write your message, and click, “send.”

 Consider these groups of people as recipients for birthday eCards:
  • Kids: Send free birthday ecards for kids to appreciate and enjoy. Spark excitement with free eCards, and make their birthday special. Pick a free birthday eCard that exemplifies the likes or dislikes of the child, such as his or her favorite color, sport, or hobby. Write a special message and personalize your eCard for the birthday boy or girl.
  • Parents: Consider virtual birthday cards for Mom or Dad. Surprise them with free happy birthday eCards when they wake up, or arrive at work first thing in the morning. Write a special message about how much they are appreciated throughout the year, and wish them a very happy birthday. Afraid you'll miss a birthday? Sign up for free birthday reminders! And even if you are a little late, you can always send a beautiful belated birthday ecard.
  • Grandparents: Select birthday eCards for grandpa or grandma, and help them celebrate their special day. Send the happy birthday eCard to your tech-savvy grandparents for a thrilling birthday greeting in a digital age!
Browse the beautiful assortment of cards for kids, parents, grandparents, and even birthday eCards for friends. Send free birthday eCards to everyone on your list this year!
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