Beach Party Ideas

Need a theme for your next party? Try a beach party theme! Whether your party is in the middle of winter or in the midst of summer, a beach theme is a fun and festive way to make your party memorable for all of your guests. Remember: while a party on the beach is always fun, you can always have a fabulous beach bash right in your own backyard!

There are so many ways turn your party into a beach oasis. Here are some beach party ideas to get started:

  • Invitations: An essential part of your beach theme party is the invitations. Make sure your invitations reflect your theme with symbols such as palm trees, beaches, beach balls, and sunshine. Also, remember to add information about the party that are specific to the beach theme. For example, use your invitations to request that your guests show up in their favorite beach attire to make your party extra festive!
  • Decorations: To transform your party space into an island oasis, you need to the right beach party decorations. Here are a few staple items to include during in your decorating that can help you achieve that beachy feel. First, start with your tables. Cover them with light blue table cloths to accent the beach theme. Decorate the tables with artificial sand, seashells, coconuts, Hawaiian leis, and seaweed. For your walls, cover them with palm tree cutouts and strategically place inflatable palm trees throughout your party space. Finally, you need lots of beach balls of all sizes. Scatter them around your party space and invite your guests to each take one home at the end of the night as a party favor.
  • Centerpieces: Fill a large vase with sand, then place a white candle in the center. To make it look even more beachy add a few seashells and some glitter. 

Beach Party Ideas

  • Seating: Use beach chairs for seating throughout the party. For added effect, it's even better if all of the chairs don’t match to make your guests feel like they are actually at the beach. You can also put out beach towels for guests to sit on in certain areas.
  • Menu: For your beach party food, think of what you typically get at a snack bar on the beach. Seafood, hamburgers, grilled chicken, and hotdogs are all great to serve. A few appetizers ideas include chips with mango salsa and guacamole, clams casino, or grilled shrimp with a pineapple dipping sauce. Be creative with you desserts as well. Serve a large fruit platter with everything from mango to pineapple. Also include a variety of fruity popsicles. Popsicles are a beach staple and will make your guests feel like they are seaside at their favorite beach. 

Beach Party Ideas

  • Drinks: For your drink menu, serve a few classic frozen cocktails like strawberry daiquiris, pina coladas, and mud slides. Serve all of the drinks in festive beach inspired glasses and garnish them all with cocktail umbrellas for an added beach touch.
  • Music: To complete your party’s beach theme, you need beach inspired music. Artist like The Beach Boys, Bob Marley, and Jimmy Buffet all have the perfect sound for any seaside themed party. Download music onto a playlist and have it playing throughout the space throughout the party to keep your guests in the beachside mindset.
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