Bat Mitzvah Party Attire

Do you plan to attend an upcoming bar or bat mitzvah and need some tips for bar and bat mitzvah attire? Dress to impress and maybe even win yourself a dance with the cute guy or pretty lady at the celebration. Base your bat and bar mitzvah attire selection on your personal preferences and keep in mind the following tips.
What to wear to a bat mitzvah or bar mitzvah:
  • Men: For both the bar and bat mitzvah service and the party after, wear a handsome suit in a neutral color such as black, grey, or khaki. Complement the suit with a pressed button down shirt and tie. Sport a clean shave and comb your hair neatly. Top it off with a yarmulke, a traditional Jewish head covering. The temple should supply the yarmulke.
  • Women: Dress in a pant or skirt suit with a cami or button down shirt and heels for the bar or bat mitzvah service. Follow Jewish tradition and be certain to cover your shoulders. Celebrate at a luncheon after the service in the same attire. For an evening affair take it up a notch and wear a long dress or short cocktail dress. Base the style of your dress on a fancy or formal celebration.
  • Children: Think comfort and style and determine what to wear to a bar mitzvah for the kids. Dress a little boy in either a suit or sports jacket and pants. Wear this attire for both the service and party. Dress little girls in a dress for the service and party. Make an evening party extra special and pick a dress with tulle under the skirt.
Remember that most married women wear a head covering of some sort to bar and bat mitzvahs, and all the male guests wear yarmulkes, not as a sign of religious affiliation but as a sign of respect for the service in progress.

Choose your outfit to meet the bar or bat mitzvah dress code and then congratulate the guest of honor with a thoughtful online Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah card before or after the celebration. Customize the message inside the card, add a heartfelt video message, and include a gift card.

Hosting the celebration? Be sure to send online Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah invitations to organize the event and easily gather RSVPs. 

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