Ballerina Baby Shower Theme

If you’re in charge of planning a baby shower, thinking of a creative and unique theme can be difficult. A ballerina baby shower theme is a twist on the traditional pink girl theme and is a fun idea that can be used to guide the rest of your shower planning. Choose decorations, invitations, and even sweets that incorporate the charm and grace of ballerinas. 


Here are some easy ballerina baby shower ideas to help inspire you:

  • Invitations: Design your baby shower invites around your ballerina theme by using pastel colors. Along with the color scheme, include an image of a ballerina or a pair of ballet slippers. This will make your invite look fun and elegant. Use invitation wording such as, “dance and twirl it’s a baby girl”, for a whimsical touch.
  • Flowers: Having flowers at the shower will make the party space seem flirty and feminine. They are also an easy way to create instant ambiance. Pick flowers in various pink hues such as roses, gerberas, peonies, or tulips. Display the flower bouquets in vases accented with pink ribbon and place them throughout the party and on each tabletop.
  • Decorations: Add to the party décor by using pink table and chair covers. Create ballet slipper placecards out of pink and white construction paper. Add final touches to the tablescape like scented candles and pink paper lanterns.  
  • Desserts: Use pink as your theme with the cake and desserts. Bake the goodies yourself or order them from a local bakery. Accent a basic cake with pink frosting, bright pink polka dots, and top with a ballerina cake topper. Another dessert option is to make a cupcake tower with a twist. Instead of normal cupcakes, make mini cupcakes. Use a traditional red velvet cake recipe except use less red food coloring to make the cupcakes pink and top with cream cheese frosting. The cupcake tower is a playful and unique way to incorporate your ballerina theme. For a third option, bake a delicious batch of ballerina cookies decorated as leotards.
  • Refreshments: Serve your guests pink drinks with fun garnishes. Pink lemonade, cranberry spritzers and pink fruit punch are perfect. Make them festive with bright pink straws and fresh orange, lemon or lime wedges.

The mom-to-be deserves the best and if she's thrilled with the idea of a ballerina baby shower, then she won't mind if everything is pink! Ask guests to dress in shades of pink and take a picture with everyone for the baby album.

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