Baby Shower Themes for Girls

We all know that baby girl showers are not complete without a fun theme to tie all aspects of the party together. Try one of these top 5 baby shower themes for girls next time you are tasked with planning a shower for a baby girl. With all of these baby shower ideas for girls, you'll be able to find decorations, plan an cohesive menu, design a fun cake, and coordinate shower favors.

  • Daisies: This baby shower theme is pretty and girly. You can do so much with this theme, from your decorations to your menu. Incorporate daisies into your desserts with things like daisy cookies or daisy cupcakes. Also have daisies everywhere throughout your party space on the chairs, tables, and in the entrance as your guests arrive
  • Pink and Brown: Sick of the classic pastel pink baby girl shower themes? Try using bold pinks and brown as your theme instead. Use the colors in everything from your cups, plates, napkins, and food! Serve a refreshing pink raspberry soda or watermelon spritzers as refreshments. For desserts have tiered pink and chocolate frosted cupcakes.
  • Polka Dots: Polka dotted prints on everything make this theme come to life. It is cute and whimsical, perfect for any girl baby shower. Incorporate the mom-to-be’s favorite colors in polka dotted prints on the tablescape, plates, cups, and napkins. Serve a cake decorated with polka dots or frost cookies with colorful polka dots that match the theme colors.
  • Rubber Ducks: This bath time theme is creative and gives the traditional baby shower a modern twist. Place classic rubber ducks throughout the party—as decoration, favors, prizes, and more. A great idea to incorporate the theme into your refreshments is to serve a blue flavored punch in a large bowl and place rubber ducks in the punchbowl. This theme will be a guaranteed hit.


  • Ballerina: Have everything from ballerina decorations and ballerina dance shoes throughout party space. Don’t forget to incorporate it into your dessert selections as well, with pink cupcakes or a pink cake topped with a pair of ballerina shoes. This theme is a great way to host a “pink” baby shower with a girly touch.
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