Baby Shower Thank You Wording - Tips & Tricks

Baby's first event was a big hit - the baby shower went exactly as planned. You had a wonderful visit with the friends and family who attended and got some beautiful gifts that will be appreciated for the first few years of the baby's life. Now it's time to prepare and send Baby Shower Thank You Cards.  We've put together some advice, tips and tricks, and even some examples of what to say in your thank-you notes.

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Who Should You Send Baby Shower Thank You Cards To? 

It may seem like you have a lot of work ahead if you have to handwrite, address, and mail out Thank You Cards to every person who attended your shower or gave you a gift. But, we promise, it's entirely manageable with a bit of planning and organization along with a simple formula. 

Let's start with your list. Prepare a mailing list with the name and address of everyone who participated in the shower - whether they attended in person, sent a gift, or send a gift card. The list should include: 

  • Name(s) - if an individual gave you a gift, it's one card. If a group gave you a gift, it's a thank you card for each person who contributed
  • Contact Info - if you're going to mail out a Thank You Card, you need a mailing address. If you want to send an eCard, you'll need an email address or mobile phone number for a text message. 
  • Gift List - keep track of each gift that you received and from whom. This will make it easier to personalize your Thank You messages.

What Should Baby Shower Thank You Cards Look Like?

You have so many options when choosing the Thank You Cards for your Baby Shower. If you had a specific theme for the shower - like a floral theme, a color palette, or a movie or storybook character, you may choose Thank You Cards that stay on theme. Before we choose the specific cards, though, let's choose our delivery method. Do you want paper Thank You Cards, in which you'll add handwritten messages to each of the participants, address them by hand, add postage, and put them in the mail? Or do you want to send them electronically, with the convenience of immediate delivery by email or text message? The choice is entirely yours. Here are some of our favorite Thank You Cards, available for you to send today:

Classic Baby Shower Thank You  

These Thank You Cards, featuring a pastel color palette and baby items, are a perfect choice when your shower featured classic baby décor.

Photo Baby Shower Thank You

Upload your favorite photo of baby, or a favorite Maternity photo, and send these Photo Baby Shower Thank You Cards.
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Continue the Shower Theme

We offer a large collection of favorite characters, such as our Disney Thank You Cards that include designs with Winnie the Pooh, Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, and so many more. Send a thank you that is in keeping with your character theme!
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Choose Beautiful Florals

These beautiful floral Thank You cards may not be a traditional choice for a baby shower, but they may be just the right message for someone special - like the hostess or organizer of your shower.
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Personalized Thank You

These beautiful chalkboard design cards with a floral motif are even more special when you personalize them with the recipient's name!
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Baby Shower Thank You Wording Ideas

Ready to start writing personal messages to the people who participated in your baby shower? The most important thing to keep in mind is to speak from the heart - write what you'd write if you were speaking to that person face-to-face. Your message doesn't have to be long. In fact, we suggest a simple 3-part formula that will help you compose a message to each person.

Part 1 - Acknowledge the way that they participated - attending in person, hosting, organizing food, etc. 

Part 2 - Share your appreciation for the gift that they gave you and your baby.

Part 3 - Close with a personal message referring to the role they play in your life. 

Here are some examples: 

Grandma - The Shower Host
We can't thank you enough for hosting such an incredible shower - we're so overwhelmed by how beautiful everything turned out. We're so touched by the beautiful handmade Elephant quilt you made. This child is going to be the luckiest baby ever to have such an amazing Grandma! 

Close Friend - Attended & Brought a Gift
Thank you so much for coming to the shower - it wouldn't have been the same without you! We can't wait to bring our baby home and try out the new tub, bath goodies, and tub toys that you gave us. Looking forward to introducing my baby to my oldest and dearest friend. Love you. 

Work Friend - Sent Regrets and Purchased a Gift from the Registry
I'm sorry you couldn't make it to the shower - you were missed. We're so grateful for the beautiful bassinet that you purchased from our registry - we're going to feel much more confident knowing that baby is able to sleep right next to us. Looking forward to mat leave, but I will miss our morning coffee chats while I'm out! 

Distant Relative - Sent Regrets and a Gift Card
We're sorry that you weren't able to join us for the baby shower - we missed you. Thank you so much for the gift card - we're going to put it towards our car seat! Once baby is old enough for a road trip, we'll be able to use it to come and visit!

It should be both quick and easy to write personal messages to everyone on your list to share your gratitude and appreciation when you speak from the heart and follow this simple formula.  


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