An Intimate New Year's Eve Party

What to do on New Year’s Eve is always such a debate. Go out? Stay in? There are many ideas for New Year’s Eve parties that will let you relax, but still celebrate at the end of a long season of holiday parties. Try throwing an intimate dinner party in your home for a small group of 6-10 friends. You will have great company as you stay up until midnight. Here are some New Year’s Eve party ideas that will make your planning a snap!

To start planning a New Year’s party, create your guest list. Keep your event low-pressure by inviting a manageable number of people that you feel comfortable being able to entertain. This will also minimize the amount of prep-work for your party. Create your event and browse the beautiful collection of free online invitations on Punchbowl for a design that will pop!

Free New Year’s Eve party invitations

Free New Year’s Eve party invitations

The mood on New Year’s Eve is festive and playful, making it the perfect occasion for a lively dinner party. Decorate your home with shimmering garlands and confetti. Another fun idea is to set party hats and noisemakers around the table for each guest. Serve colorful, fruity champagne drinks or virgin cocktails and a buffet of delicious food. Dish out some serendipity to your guests by trying recipes with lucky New Year’s foods. In Italy, lentils are thought to bring prosperity because they resemble little coins. Black-eyed peas are also popular in the South because they show humility and thus invite good fortune. Both are delicious with ham and pork roast, or served as a side dish. Enjoy the bubbly conversation around the table as you dine.

Intimate dinner parties also work well for activities because most games accommodate small groups. Play one of your old-time favorites or do something in the theme of the night such as sharing New Year’s resolutions and betting on how long you’ll keep them. After the countdown is complete, guests who have been drinking, have traveled from long distances, or are just worn-out from the night’s festivities may be too tired to head home. With such a small party, it should be easy to find room for everyone to spend the night at your place for a safe and convenient option.

These New Year’s Eve celebration ideas are a simple and inexpensive way to have a relaxing evening at home with good friends. Enjoy one another’s company as you countdown and be sure to make plenty of celebratory noise at midnight!


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