Alphabet Baby Shower

ABC, just as easy as 123! An alphabet baby shower theme is perfect for celebrating the upcoming arrival of either a baby boy or a baby girl. The alphabet is a darling theme that you can incorporate into an ABC shower in a number of ways.

Here are some fantastic ABC baby shower ideas to jump start your baby shower planning!

  • Invitation: Send alphabet baby shower invitations to let guests know the theme of the shower. Punchbowl offers free digital invitations for baby shower, including the alphabet invitation above. Customize your alphabet invite with details about the shower and watch RSVPs roll in. 
  • Centerpiece: A perfect idea for a classy alphabet baby shower centerpiece involves decorative branches, spray paint, a tall glass vase, white sand, alphabet letters and clear fish wire. To start, spray paint the decorative branches silver. Once dry, place the branches in the vase. Pour sand in the vase to keep the branches in place. Next, spray paint alphabet letters either pink or blue, depending on the gender of the baby. Use both pink and blue if the gender is unknown. Attach clear fish wire to the letters, and hang them on the branches! Mom-to-be can take the centerpiece home after the shower to decorate the nursery!
  • Game: A fun idea for an alphabet baby shower game is to have each table of guests create words, related to babies, using letters from the alphabet. Magnetic alphabet letters that stick to the refrigerator are perfect for this ABC shower game. Purchase multiple sets of letters, and distribute one set to each table of guests. Set five minutes on the clock, and alert the guests that they can start to create their words. The object of the game is for the tables to create as many words as they can, related to babies, using each letter only once. The table with the most baby related words wins a prize!
  • Favors: For alphabet shower favors, bake cookies in alphabet shapes using alphabet cookie cutters. Decorate the cookies with colored sugar sprinkles. Place each cookie in a cellophane bag, and tie a ribbon at the top. The alphabet cookies will make the shower memorable, and also provide guests with a yummy treat! You can also give each guest an alphabet cookie cutter for their first or last initial.
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