A Prehistoric Event: Dinosaur Birthday Party

Create a fun, memorable birthday experience for your child and your guests with a dinosaur party! Plan details for the dinosaur theme party such as invitations, decorations, games, and favors.

Take advantage of these terrific dinosaur party ideas:

  • Invitations: Create your event on Punchbowl and choose from a collection of free birthday invitations, including dinosaur party invitations. Include information such as the name of the event, name of the birthday boy or girl, date, time, and location of the party. Email the invitations 4-6 weeks in advance of the party.
  • Decorations: Plan simple, yet fun dinosaur party decorations to enhance the theme of the party and create the atmosphere of being in the prehistoric ages. Start by making your house easy to identify with dinosaur decorations outside. Cut giant dinosaur foot prints out of construction paper and duct tape them to the path leading up to the house. Inside the house hang plastic or blow-up pterodactyls from the ceiling with fish wire. Purchase mylar balloons, shaped as different species of dinosaurs, and attach them to the chairs at the table. Twist and hang green streamers throughout the house with some spiraling down from the ceiling to the floor for a jungle feel.
  • Cake: Bake a dinosaur birthday theme cake to impress your guests, or buy one from a local bakery! Frost the cake with brown and green frosting. Add crumbled graham cracker for dirt. Decorate the cake with small, plastic dinosaurs, trees, shrubs, and a volcano.
  • Games: Plan a variety of fun dinosaur party games during the birthday party. Here are a few ideas:
    • Extinction: Direct guests to sit in a circle, and pass around a dinosaur toy as the music plays. When the music stops, whoever is holding the dinosaur becomes “extinct” and exits the circle. Continue until there is one person left in the circle.
    • Pin the Tail on the Dinosaur: A new twist on an old favorite! Cut out a picture of a dinosaur and have each guest try to pin its tail back onto the picture while blindfolded.
    • Dino-Dig:  Hide dog bones or other artifacts around the yard or sandbox and have the kids search for them like paleontologists.
  • Favors: Pass out dinosaur party favors at the end of the party. Purchase goody bags with a picture of a dinosaur on the front. Fill the bags with dinosaur paddleboards, dinosaur stickers, dinosaur puzzles, dinosaur lollipops, and dinosaur stamps.

Incorporate these fantastic dinosaur party ideas into the birthday celebration, and you will surely throw a successful party, filled with smiling faces and happy children!

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