5th Birthday Party Ideas

The first step in planning a 5th birthday party is to decide on a theme. Five is an age when kids start to have an opinion on what they want their party to be about, so follow their lead! Browse some 5th birthday party ideas below that would be perfect for your son or daughter’s party:

  • Invitations: Send out a 5th birthday invitation to your son or daughter’s friends and parents to let them know all the important details. With a group of five-year-olds, it may also be a good idea to have the birthday party at a venue like a park, bowling alley or movie theater. Once you've chosen a venue for your child’s birthday party, use the 5th birthday invite wording to ask other parents to help carpool or to explain where the drop-off is.
  • Cake: The 5th birthday cake is an important aspect of the party planning. If the birthday party has a theme, the cake is a great place to integrate a character-shaped cake or cake toppers. Another great 5th birthday idea for dessert is to make cupcakes for the party. That way you can have a variety of cupcake flavors for everyone to enjoy!
  • Games: When planning the games and activities for the party, ask your child if there are any fun games that they play in school or with their friends. The goal is to let the kids have fun, so don't worry if they'd rather just run around and play pretend too!
    • Themed Tag: A great boy’s 5th birthday party idea is tag. A fun twist is to find a way to integrate your theme into the game. For example, if the theme is Toy Story, use the character names in the game. In this variation, when the person that is “it” tags someone, they are frozen in place. They can only become unfrozen if someone else touches them and then yells a character’s name from the movie. Each character’s name can only be used once. This game continues until everyone is frozen. Then the last person to be tagged in the game is “it” for the next game.
    • Doll Dress Up: A fantastic girl’s 5th birthday party idea is to have all of the guests bring their favorite doll and doll clothes. Set up a bunch of different scenes and settings for the girls to play with their dolls in and interact with one another. Children at this age love to role play and can be very creative with the stories and things that they come up with.

Your child is bound to have a great time with their friends and will be talking about their party for weeks to come!


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