50th Birthday Ideas

Turning 50 is a huge milestone in someone’s life worthy of a big celebration! If you are having trouble coming up with an idea for how to celebrate, check out these great ideas for a fun, original 50th birthday party that you won't forget!

50th Birthday Ideas

  • Over the Hill: This 50th birthday party idea is perfect for someone with a good sense of humor. Get the guest of honor gag gifts and poke fun that they are “over the hill.” Some popular gag gifts are a walking cane with a horn and rearview mirror as well as senile medication (aka mints). There are many stores that sell these types of gifts or you can find them easily online. Hang up a banner that says “Welcome to the Geezer Party!” You can also put up comical signs throughout the party like “I lost my marbles” and “I’m not 50! I’m 18 with 32 years of life experience.” An over the hill themed 50th birthday is always guaranteed to get a lot of laughs!
  • Casino Night: If you want to plan a classy celebration, seek inspiration from the one and only James Bond! A James Bond inspired casino night party is a great idea for a 50th birthday party. Head to your local casino for the real jackpot or host a casino night in your home! Decorate with red and black balloons and sleek black tablecloths. Ask guest to dress up in tuxedos and elegant dresses. Hire blackjack dealers to set up the tables and get the games going during the party. Oh, and don't forget the martinis—shaken, not stirred.
  • Through the Years: This 50th birthday party theme is a great idea for someone who has led an interesting or amusing life. Have each guest fill out a questionnaire with questions like “My favorite thing about [Name] is...”, “[Name] drives me crazy when they..”, “List 5 words that describe [Name]”, “My favorite story that [Name] has ever told me is..” Then share the results with the guest of honor and the rest of the party. This will get everyone laughing and sharing stories that they might not have ever heard before. You can also post the results of the questionairre on a slideshow with photos that plays in the background at the party. 

The important thing to remember when choosing a theme for a 50th birthday party is to make the party enjoyable and memorable for the guest of honor. Choose food for the menu that they love, invite all of their closest friends and family, and include touches that will help the birthday boy or girl have a great time!

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