30th Birthday Gifts

Know someone who has a 30th birthday coming up? Need to figure out what to get them as a 30th birthday present? Many people think that milestone birthdays such as 30 or 40 require expensive, elaborate 30th birthday gifts. However, like with any occasion, it's the thought that counts. Here are some things to keep in mind as you try to find the perfect 30th birthday present:

  • Likes & Dislikes: The important thing to keep in mind when shopping for 30th birthday gifts is to know the person for whom you are buying the gift. Some people are into the latest tech gadgets. Others prefer homemade items. If you want to get the birthday boy or girl a bigger than usual gift to celebrate their 30th, consider going in with friends on a gift or put together a gift basket of like items. 
  • Intangible Gifts: Other 30th birthday gift ideas include intangible gifts such as a donation to be made in their honor to their favorite charity. You could also treat your friend to a 30th birthday present that's an activity like tickets to see their favorite Broadway show, tickets to a concert, or a spa day. More 30th birthday gift ideas that follow this same activity theme include lessons to a class. For example, if your friend wants to be a better cook, you can get him or her cooking lessons. If your friend has always wanted to ride a motorcycle, you can get him or her riding lessons. Thirty is a great age to try new things and lessons can be a great way to spur them on. 
  • Dinner - Your Treat: If you're not sure if you even want to get a 30th birthday gift, but you want to do something to celebrate with your friend, you can take him or her out to a nice dinner. Hit up a favorite local restaurant or head to the closest big city to try someplace fancy and new. 

As you embark on the hunt for perfect 30th birthday gifts, just remember to think about what your friend likes to do. What has he or she been talking about lately? Is there a place that he or she has been wanting to try? There is no right or wrong 30th birthday gift so just have fun coming up with something that you genuinely think your friend will enjoy!

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