18th Birthday Themes

If you are having trouble coming up with theme ideas for your 18th birthday party, try to think about your interests and the things that are important to you. Do you love sports or music? What is your favorite movie or tv show? Try to think of something that relates to you, then figure out how you could incorporate it into an 18th birthday party theme. Here are some ideas to help get you started:

  • Survivor Party: If you are a big fan of the TV show Survivor or if you have a competitive nature, this may be the 18th birthday party theme for you. Invite your friends to compete in a series of obstacles and challenges at your birthday party. At the end of each of each challenge, determine one guest to be the winner. The person with the most won challenges at the end of the party is named the “Ultimate Survivor.”
  • Highlighter Party: This is a really fun party theme for an 18th birthday party. Tell everyone to come dressed in a plain white t-shirt and jeans that they would not mind getting highlighter on. Set up blacklights all around the room of your party. For a medium sized room, you will probably need four or five of these lights. At the party, have plenty of highlighters around for people to use to write messages on each other’s shirts. Yellow, orange, green, and pink highlighter colors usually show up the best under a blacklight. You can also pass out glow sticks and necklaces to your guests to help them stand out in the dark room. Play a variety of dance music or hire a DJ to get your guests dancing at your party.
  • Mexican Fiesta: If you are looking for a fun and memorable 18th birthday theme, host a fiesta! Decorate using cactus cutouts, brightly colored tablecloths, and tissue paper flowers. You can also set up maracas and sombreros on the tables for the guests to have fun with during the party. Another great idea is to set up a piñata! Put out tasty finger foods like tacos and nachos for the guests to make on their own.

  • Casino Party: A casino or poker themed 18th birthday party is a great way to celebrate your birthday. If all of your other guests are 18, you could head to your local casino to play bingo. Another option is to host a casino themed party at your house that people of all ages could attend. Decorate the tables of your party with poker chips, dice, and playing cards. Red and black are an ideal color scheme to use in your decorations as well.
  • Chocolate Party:  This is a great idea for an 18th birthday party. From custom candy bar wrappers to giant chocolate fountains, this event is one that all of the guests will look forward to attending. Plan a delicious chocolate menu for the party including chocolate drinks, chocolate cake, chocolate ice cream, and much more. Play music in the background of your party that is related to chocolate like “The Sweetness” by Jimmy Eat World and “Chocolate on My Tongue” by the Woods Brothers.
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