16th Birthday Party Tips

 Sweet 16 birthday parties are a big event that every teen looks forward to planning! If you plan to host a party for your teen, here are some 16th birthday party tips to keep in mind to make sure the event is a smashing success!
  • Think about the Birthday Teen: All teenagers mature at different stages and have different comfort levels. Think about if your teen would love the idea of a large, surprise birthday party or if they would prefer a smaller, more intimate gathering with close friends. Listen to their wishes and do your best to grant their reasonable requests. Remember this is their day!
  • Make a Music Playlist: If you are unsure of your teen’s favorite music tracks, a great 16th birthday party idea is to have them plan the playlist! That way your music choices won’t embarrass them and they get to be involved in the planning process. If the birthday party is a surprise, you could also hire a DJ. Just make sure that guests can make song requests to the DJ at the party.
  • Plan the Food: Prepare a food menu ahead of time for the 16th birthday party with all of your teen’s favorite foods. You could order pizza, Chinese food — you name it! Try to get a head count on the number of guests to make sure that you have plenty of drinks and food for everyone! Another idea for a 16th birthday is to put out disposable plates and cups for the guests to use at the party. Teenagers will usually clean up after themselves if you put out garbage bags.
  • Keep it Parent-Free: Even though you're going to be the one helping to make this sweet sixteen party happen, you might want to let the kids have a parent-free party. Teenagers are at an age where they think of their parents as embarrassing. You can participate in the party at key times, like to bring out the cake or give your teen their present but let the kids have some time on their own to enjoy the party parent-free. 
  • Put an End Time on Your Invitations: Though many sixteen year olds have their license and can drive to and from the party on their own, many also have curfews. Put a time on the invitation that the party ends – usually around 10pm or 11pm is ideal but no later than midnight. If there is an issue with any of the guest’s parents about their teen staying out too late, you could also offer the guests to sleepover after the party is over.
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