10 Tips for Taking Family Pictures

Make those special moments last with your loved ones by taking family pictures for the holidays. Gather together those important to you and capture a moment in time. Follow these family photo tips for how to take family pictures and capture everyone looking their best.

Here are a few great family picture ideas and some advice:

  • Pose the members of your family for fun family pictures and then have one person quickly set the camera on a timer for your family picture. Have one person shout out an adjective (like “grumpy!” or “silly!”) right before the picture is taken to inspire goofy faces!
  • Coordinate the colors of your family’s outfits. Dress everyone in complementary shades of the same color. For a laugh, don your coordinated snowflake sweaters! As another option, plan black shirts and jeans for the parents, and colorful outfits for the kids to add a lively pop of color.
  • Try to use natural light from the outdoors rather than artificial light to create the most complementary look. Use soft natural light, but make sure the light is in front and slightly to one side. Photos that are back-lit will not come out well, and facing the light directly will make everyone squint.
  • Figure out where to take family pictures based on the climate and the preferences of your family. If appropriate, shoot for taking pictures outdoors, surrounded by beautiful scenery. Find backgrounds such as leaves changing colors, a wide open field, or a fun playground backdrop for outdoor family pictures. Otherwise, set up a scene in your own home by the fireplace or even hang a sheet as the backdrop.
  • Involve all family members in the picture taking process, including pets such as dogs and cats. Take a few test photos to make sure everything looks good before you incorporate the animals. Chances are they won’t sit still for very long!
  • Consider hiring a photographer for those tough large family pictures with lots of little kids.
  • Create a nice composition for your pictures, and make good use of patterns, symmetry, texture, depth of field, and lines.

Make sure everyone is smiling while taking group pictures and, most importantly, make sure the photo session is fun! Select the best shots to add to a beautiful free holiday eCard from Punchbowl!

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