News Mentions

Parents Magazine

"This free one-stop party-prep site has everything—and we mean everything—you need to pull off an unforgettable gathering for your kid or your adult friends. Pick a date based on guests' availability, send out invitations, shop for supplies, find local vendors, even coordinate dishes for a potluck, all with a few clicks of the mouse."

O, The Oprah Magazine

"At, party-planning gets a democratic spin: Guests can vote on potential days and times for the shindig. You can also use the After Party feature to thank your friends and upload photos of the night's revels."

Kim Komando

"Punchbowl is a handy site for planning get-togethers. Poll family members to decide on the best time to get together. Then, send invitations and manage RSVPs. Tools help you manage potlucks and create gift registries. After the get-together, share photos on the site."

Real Simple

"This party-savvy website allows potential attendees to vote on the best date, create online invitations, and helps you find a theme, a venue, a caterer, and more."


"Planning a shindig? From firming up a date to sending out invites, Punchbowl will help you get the party started."


Punchbowl is excited to have been recognized in Entrepreneur Magazine's "100 Most Brilliant Companies" issue.

Business Week

"This year, launched an invitation site with party-planning tools. One is a date optimizer that chooses the best day for an event based on votes by those invited, even giving preference to the dates preferred by those invitees whom the host identifies as VIPs behind the scenes. "There is demand for sophisticated party planning online," says founder Matt Douglas."


"Starting a business is not unlike building a house," Douglas says. "The framework goes up pretty quickly, but it takes a long time to get the details right."

Wall Street Journal 2

"The date recommendation feature was more sophisticated than other sites. We like how the host could secretly designate some recipients as VIPs."


"...They are the developers of one of the hottest websites in America and around the world. These are the folks that are at the vanguard of web development."

Boston Globe

"One cool feature of, allows a party planner to work with invitees to find the date that best suits everybody."

Ladies Home Journal

"What's Miss Gizmo's favorite feature? Every party's own message board for before and after event chats. Try it out, it's free."

O, The Oprah Magazine

"No more confetti-throwing cats and singing cakes. Now you can...layer video and pictures with your favorite design and fonts ("

Tech Crunch

"Punchbowl launched a ‘2.0′ version of its site that features a revamped interface and a very impressive custom electronic invitation creator."

Boston Herald

"Looking at the current success of the party planning site, Punchbowl, it seems that Matt Douglas is living the entrepreneurial dream."

PC World

"The Web's next breakout hit may be one these innovative, useful, and fun new sites. is one of 25 web sites to watch."

MSN Tech

"The site also enables you to send pick-a-date e-mail messages to see which day works best for people, set up message boards and produce a map of the shindig's location using Google Maps."

Walt Mossberg

"Punchbowl offers a good mix of just enough and not too many features. It is approachable for the tech-savvy and nontechies alike."

Seattle Post

"Would you take a drink from The site's invitation templates, like its modern, user-friendly interface, trample Evite's."

PC Magazine

"There's a new party-planning site on the Web, one that's well worth checking out.

If you're planning a big get-together, might be the thing that keeps you sane."


"Today, Punchbowl has made setting a date that much easier through the help of an algorithm that recommends the best date for your party."


“They have a very nice, easy to use system. This is not just the invitation. It’s the pre-party and post-party. Punchbowl — it’s a catchy name. I can remember that.”

Mass High Tech

"Co-founder Matt Douglas says the Super Bowl is a case of good market timing for Punchbowl, which enables users to import e-mail addresses to send save-a-date messages, party invitations and post-party photos."


"Punchbowl will import your address book from most popular online e-mail services. As a nice touch, Punchbowl makes it possible to send personalized messages to each recipient at the top of your general e-mail."


"Not only does Punchbowl had the rich editing of a party, but it does all of the mashup goodness that you would expect… It is also nice and social as a site like this should be, with good comment support."


"The ability to not only plan a party, but learn from the experiences of other party planners will be an attractive feature in party planning and provide a strong reason to choose Punchbowl over the others."


"These new features are significant to any web-based event planning site, and will further Punchbowl’s growth in the right direction. They have a good level of customization available on their site, and are doing well to incorporate so many of their users’ requests."

CNET (Webware)

"In comparison to a competitor like Evite, its simple interface is much easier to deal with and, I'd bet, a lot less daunting for non-Internet-savvy people to get the hang of."

Red Herring

"Some industry observers say Punchbowl fills a hole that is not fully covered by Evite. 'The fact that there's only one competitor means there's an opportunity here,' said analyst Greg Sterling."

Financial Times

"Punchbowl is potentially the most comprehensive of the party sites."

MyBusiness Magazine

"Through strategic networking and personalized service, the Punchbowl Software owners brought their startup out of the shadows."

Somewhat Frank

"Punchbowl is easy to use and will definitely give Evite some competition as it offers an extremely simple interface with customized layouts."

CyberNet News

"I really like the customization options, and the fact that it guides you from before the party all the way through until after the party."

O'Reilly Radar

"I think that the time has come for someone to give [eVite] a kick-in the pants and I think that Punchbowl is definitely going to get them paying attention again."


"Please, if you're going to invite me to your next party, use Punchbowl. My calendar will love you for it."

Proud Geek

"...And then I discovered Punchbowl. It has a clean interface, signing up is easy (and actually not necessary for guests), and its pages look crisp and tidy."


"If you travel in the same circles I do, you'll likely have heard of Punchbowl already."